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please register is a digital assets (goods) storage for Siberian Ducat (SIB) providing its secure storage and P2P transfers.

SIBX is an accounting unit for obligations of Storage to Keeper having that the goods has been uploaded to the Storage (storage certificate of SIBX HOLDINGS LIMITED). 1SIB kept = 1SIBX. SIBX storage certificate is a bearer securities unit. SIBX certificate bearer claiming to having "N" units is able to withdraw "N" SIB units from the storage. The Keeper operates with the SIBX on his/her own risk and responsible for access credentials. Keeping rights for SIB may be transferred internally in the system using internal transfer mode.
Making a deposit of SIB to the digital storage, you get a digital SIBX certificate and it's bearer would be able to claim the assets from the storage. You may also obtain a paper certificate if needed.